chicken pox

Your child is most infectious before the appearance of spots, with an incubation period of 17 to 21 days

Symptoms may include

  • fever, headache, and feeling unwell
  • lymph glands may be swollen
  • blister type spots begin, usually on the trunk of the body and then spreading to the face, mouth, scalp, arms, legs, anus, vagina, or ears
  • these spots usually heal over within 10 days and may sometimes leave scars if they have been scratched

what you can do

  • green clay washes to relieve itchiness and promote healing
  • nutritious foods and drinks only, and rest
  • make strong infusions of chamomile and add to the bath water to promote healing and for its antiseptic properties
  • catnip tea, for fever and to help settle restlessness
  • infusion of meadowsweet tea to reduce fever and inflammation