daily brew

If you have a good supply of herbs in your garden and pantry you can include them as your daily tea or use them to help alleviate or prevent illness

It is important to remember that the quality and the proper storage will ensure the best results from your herbs

Always buy your herbs from a reputable supplier who has fresh and preferably organic herbs

Better still where it is possible grow your own

I have had no difficulty growing many herbs at home including chamomile, calendula, elderflower, nettle and yarrow to name just a few

When storing dried herbs make sure they are kept in a clean, dry, sealed container away from the light

  • Use one teaspoon of dried herb (two fresh) per 250mls of water
  • Infuse your tea for 5-10 minutes before serving.
  • Lemon juice and/or honey can be added to tea to improve flavour

Here are some of my favourites

alfalfaThis tea is a rich source of minerals, protein and chlorophyll Alfalfa can be used a tonic tea especially at the end of the winter months Mixed with other nutritive herbs such as nettles and red clover it can help build your resistance to infections and cleanse the body of toxins
passionflowerA wonderful brew to help with anxiety or insomnia It is completely non-addictive and does not cause the hangover effect that occurs when taking pharmaceutical sedatives It can be used to help relieve pain especially nerve pains such as neuralgia and the pain from shingles It can also help relive the bronchial spasms and tension experienced by asthmatics
uva ursi A good tea to have on hand if you experience urinary tract infections or to prevent a urinary tract infection from worsening It has disinfectant properties in the bladder and kidneys It will soothe , tone and strengthen the membranes in the urinary tract
red clover This is a pleasant tasting tea that is beneficial for skin complaints Use for eczema or dermatitis in adults and children Not only is this a brilliant herb for skin complaints but can also be used to help alleviate the symptoms of coughs and bronchitis It also has an anti spasmodic and expectorant effect
nettlesThis herb has excellent tonic properties It is full of vitamins and minerals including iron and vitamin C which ensures that the iron can be utilised by the body Especially good for women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding helping to reduce bleeding and replace lost nutrients.
elderflowersThese pretty little cream coloured flowers, so easy to grow, are a medicine chest against colds and flu They help relieve congestion from upper respiratory infections, reduce fevers and fight viruses

Don’t delay

Make a brew today