Sometimes an earache can be from pain radiating from another area such as the tooth, gums, glands in the neck, or even a sore throat

Earache can also be caused by inflammation of the outer ear canal (otitis externa), which can cause redness of the canal and discharge

Be sure that the ear has no foreign objects inside the canal or that there is no laceration to the skin

Usually though it is an infection in the middle ear (otitis media).

signs and symptoms of otitis media

  • pain in the ear and the surrounding area
  • glands of the neck may be swollen
  • fever
  • a baby or toddler will pull at the ear and cry with the pain
  • there may be redness around the ear
  • if infection is severe, the eardrum may burst causing pus to be discharged into the ear canal

what you can do

  • begin to take olive leaf extract as directed on the bottle
  • begin to supplement with vitamin C
    for babies over six months and toddlers mix one teaspoon of vitamin C powder in a glass of juice and give one teaspoon hourly
  • place one to two warmed drops of either mullein or almond oil, or a mixture of the two oils into the affected ear and plug cotton wool into the ear. if there is a discharge from the ear do not put oil in the ear
  • a garlic capsule can be warmed, then pricked placing a few drops of the oil into the ear canal and plugging with cotton wool
  • to help alleviate pain place a warm water bottle covered in a towel or nappy to the affected ear
  • apply an onion poultice to help reduce the pain of earache