engorged breasts, inflamed breasts, mastitis

When your milk begins to come in you may experience engorged breasts

This can be avoided or alleviated by beginning to breast feed on demand as soon as possible after birth

Avoid pacifiers and bottles to help establish breastfeeding

If a feed is missed express the milk by hand or breast pump

If your breasts become sore or tender with an area of hot, red skin you may have an inflamed breast

If you feel a sharp, stinging pain when you put your baby to your breast you may have a cracked nipple

If you develop a fever and aches and pains in your body you may have mastitis

Many problems can be avoided with the correct positioning of your baby on your breast when you are feeding

If you are experiencing problems with breast-feeding, the nursing mother’s associations and support groups can be a great help by providing support and information to help you overcome any difficulties you may have

What to do

  • If treated quickly your sore breast can be prevented from progressing into a more debilitating mastitis
  • When your breast first becomes sore you should take this as a sign that you need to slow down
  • Rest as much as possible and keep feeding your baby from the affected breast
  • Drink up to two cups a day of Golden mylk.
  • If you have Olive leaf extract begin to take that as directed on the bottle
  • If your breast is painful place,cold raw cabbage leaves over the sore breast changing every two to three hours
  • Dandelion root tea is a specific remedy for hot, red, inflamed breasts and mastitis. Drink two to three cups daily
  • If you experience cracked nipples try to keep your nipples dry between feeds by exposing them to the air
  • Vitamin E oil from the capsule or Manuka honey can be applied to assist with healing
  • Make a strong infusion of chamomile and calendula flowers and place into your bath water and submerge your breasts. The chamomile and calendula will heal and soothe. Warm compresses made with these herbs can be placed on the breast

A well nourished body will not progress to mastitis if the above suggestions are implemented as soon as possible at the first signs of inflammation in your breast tissue