Open Day – Herbal Vinegars for Food and Medicine

September, 2015 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
selfhelp farm
39 Gwongorella Parade
Springbrook QLD 4213

Let’s enjoy a morning together gathering herbs and weeds from my garden to make herbal vinegars that can be used as both a food and a medicine.

  • 9:00 am       arrival
  • 9:30 am       how to make herb  infused vinegars,  how to use herb infused vingar,  herbs you can choose for your infusions
  • 10:30 am     out into the garden to choose and harvest your herbs for making your infused vinegar
  • 11:30 am      morning tea and discussion about your chosen herbs
  • 12:30 am     finish

Your investment

To keep the costs down for you in this workshop please bring with you two small, clean jars with secure lids and enough apple cider vinegar for your empty jars. I use recycled jars and Australian organic apple cider vinegar.

  • if you bring your own jars and apple cider vinegar it is $30.
  • if you would like me to supply apple cider vinegar and jars it is $40

Notes are be provided

There is a maximum of ten people for this workshop