Making Home Remedies – Golden Rod Harvest

February, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
selfhelp retreat
39 Gwongorella Parade
Springbrook QLD 4213

Come into my garden when the golden rod is ready to harvest

  • Golden Rod is a wonderful herb useful in supporting immune function so important before the winter months return
  • Golden Rod is also a tried and true medicine for problems associated with your kidneys, including prostate problems
  • As a food, it is a valuable mineral supplement and also has anti allergenic properties

I grow two types of Gold Rod (Solidago) in my garden.

Both will be ready to harvest

You will make your own home remedies from this plant ally

You will learn how to

  • harvest and dry the herb for your tea
  • infuse it in olive oil to make a salve
  • tincture the plant two ways

At the end of the workshop you will have had the pleasure of meeting Golden Rod growing in my garden, harvesting her bounty and transforming her into your own remedies that you will use at home

The morning includes

  • herbal morning tea, with nourishing herbal infusions, coffee or golden milk (our turmeric) and herbal delights to eat.
  • take home notes
  • Golden Rod herb to dry for tea
  • a jar of your goldenrod infused olive oil
  • two tinctures for future use

This morning is limited to 6 people only


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