Queensland Carers

July, 2015 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
selfhelp farm
39 Gwongorella Parade
Springbrook QLD 4213

We have the joy of inviting groups to our ‘farm-acy’

We recently had the pleasure of a visit by Carers Queensland, Spanish speaking support group

The group arrived by bus and settled to a warming cup of Golden Milk, made with our own turmeric (longa) which we had just freshly harvested

Despite rainy Springbrook weather, the sun appeared for enough time to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic walk through the vegetable and herb gardens

The herb robert has flourished in the last month during the wet weather. It has a beautiful show with it’s tiny pink flowers and lush, lacy greenery. Most were surprised to learn that this plant could be used as both a food and as a medicine

There is land cress and lebanese cress in abundance at the moment. Both of these are easy to grow and supply lots of greens for wraps, soups, juices and salads

The top bar bee hive is always a favorite moment

Once the group had seen the beauty and abundance of the garden, many were inspired to want to grow their own produce

It is always a great opportunity to explain the important nutritional properties of fresh leafy greens and herbs

Soon the rain began to close in again so we all headed inside for a morning tea of hearty home made vegetable and barley soup, followed by the family’s favourite fruit cake and fresh brews of peppermint and meadowsweet, and nettle and lemon myrtle teas

I had brought in a few other herbs to show the group during morning tea

I talked about the healing properties of aloe vera and how it can be used both externally and internally

We also discussed the wonderful properties of the simple thyme plant. It not only supplies you with a tasty culinary herb but it is also a powerful antispasmodic and bronchial relaxant making it useful for coughs and chest infections

Many questions later, a quick walk to Purlingbrook Falls and with cuttings and herb pots in hand a very tired and happy group boarded the Gold Coast Volunteering bus for home.

Our visitors often tell us they feel stronger in the knowledge that it is easy to practice self help with the addition of a few plants in your garden, and the knowledge of how to use them everyday