Slow Food

September, 2015 all-day
selfhelp farm
39 Gwongorella Parade
Springbrook QLD 4213

We have the joy of inviting groups to our ‘farm-acy’

We recently had the pleasure of a visit by Slow Food Tamborine Mountain/Gold Coast group

Slow Food is an international group. Slow is an acronym for sustainable, local, organic, whole foods

We welcomed our visitors with a warming shot of golden milk made with our freshly harvested turmeric (longa)

We spoke to the group about Springbrook and it’s history. For many of our guests, this was their first visit to Springbrook

We then offered our guests a ‘taste test’ of our two fresh turmeric varieties, longa and aromatica

I then talked about the importance of eating enough nutrients in our diet. In my experience many people are well fed but seldom are they well nourished

This is because our food has been denatured by mass production, poor growing soil, transportation, and cold storage. People also tend to eat the same foods instead of a wide variety of fresh foods in order to obtain a wide variety of nutrients

It is this basic nutrient deficiency that leads to many of the complaints people often suffer such as skin ailments, digestive disorders, hormonal disruptions, tiredness, foggy thinking,  and many of the complaints we medicate for with over the counter pharmaceutical drugs

To get off this merry go round of sickness, we just need to increase our nutrient uptake. One of the easiest ways to do this is with herbs and weeds that you can grow for free in your own garden. We have become too reliant on others supplying our food to our own detriment

Our discussions in the in the herb garden centered around three weeds/herbs that are often overlooked and discarded

These three powerhouses of nutrition are nettle, chickweed and plantain. These three weeds/herbs can be used as a food and a medicine

When we have the correct nutrients in our body, our body is able to perform at it’s optimum level

In this way the food becomes your medicine by supplying the required nutrients. If illness does occur your body is better able to deal with it and  there are other more medicinal herbs and preparations you can use to help your body fight the illness. Many chronic degenerative diseases have their roots in an under supply of nutrients from your diet

The next destination was the vegetable garden to see our freshly planted turmeric. We have also recently planted out this season’s horseradish and yacon. Both were just starting to poke their new greenery from the soil

Our visitors were very knowledgeable gardeners. Rich conversations were shared about how best to care for our lovely soils, and many people generously shared their experiences with different soil treatment and management practises

The Springbrook rainy weather kept us on our toes as we tried to avoid the showers

It certainly didn’t detract from the fabulous experience of being able to share my passion for herbs and their valuable contribution to our healthy lives