head lice

Lice appear to have built up a resistance to even the strongest of poisons

The continuous applications of these chemicals to children’s heads cannot be good for their health as they can also be absorbed through the skin

The only answer is vigilance

Head lice can pass easily from child to child during play

what to do

  • combing the hair regularly (every day) with a lice comb will help reduce the lice numbers during an outbreak
  • “nit picking” – this involves sliding off the eggs that are attached to the hair shaft between your nails
  • make a mixture of essential oils with carrier oil such as olive oil and apply to the hair, sealing with plastic and leaving it on overnight
  • the next morning wash the hair and give a final rinse with vinegar to loosen the nits. Comb with lice comb dipped in vinegar
  • make and apply head lice treatment. (see recipes)
  • mix together and store in a jar or bottle
  • Apply once and then follow up with another application two days later
  • in between oil treatments come the hair out with lice comb and conditioner as often as possible to kill all lice and prevent them from laying more eggs(nits)