herbal teas

Herb teas are a good way to hydrate and nourish your body

When preparing for pregnancy herb teas such as Raspberry leaf and nettle tea can be a valuable source of vitamins , minerals and other nutrients
that can help to ensure your fertility and a healthy pregnancy and baby

Some of the teas I found useful when I was pregnant were nettle, raspberry leaf, and oat straw teas

vitamin and mineral supplements are unnecessary if you are eating a nutrient rich diet and using herbs daily

Your body is best able to utilize the nutrients found in fresh foods and herbs rather than in a factory made tablet

Fresh food and herbs from your garden contain the vital energy of a live plant that a supplement cannot duplicate

nettle teanettle tea is a good tea to drink in preparation for pregnancy it is an efficient blood cleanser and supplies Vitamins A,C,K and E as well as the minerals iron, silicon, potassium and other valuable nutrients, It is rich in chlorophyll which acts as a blood cleanser, a blood builder and oxygen boost as well as having many other benefits nettles act as a tonic for your whole body and can relieve the allergic symptoms of hay fever, rhinitis, asthma and other allergic conditions when attempting to fall pregnant stop the nettle tea until the last trimester but continue with the raspberry leaf tea
raspberry leafraspberry leaf tea can be consumed before, during and after your pregnancy it can help to ease the symptoms of morning sickness and is a rich supply of nutrients that will prevent ailments such as bleeding gums and uterine cramps it will assist with the birth of your baby and placenta by relaxing the smooth muscles of your uterus when it is contracts during labour raspberry leaf tea has been used for centuries throughout the world as a remedy to aid fertility, shorten labor , prevent post partum bleeding,and promote a plentiful supply of breast milk
oat strawoatstraw tea is a powerful tea high in the minerals calcium and magnesium It is also high in silica which is needed for healthy hair and nails and skin elasticity to help prevent stretch marks on the skin during rapid growth rates that occur in pubescent children and during pregnancy it is an excellent tea that will nourish, restore and support your whole body it is a tea that is best taken over a period of a few months to obtain the full benefits. One to three cups a day every couple of days will be sufficient for you to notice Its long lasting effects