Impetigo is a staphylococcal or streptococcal infection that occurs on the skin

It can complicate hives, eczema, insect bites and rashes by causing an infection where the skin has been broken from scratching

As these germs can be present on our skin anyway, for it to flare up like this is an indication of a nutritional deficiency in the body

Typical signs may include

  • an area of broken skin becomes red and sore after being picked at or scratched
  • yellowish type pus may ooze from the wound
  • crusts form and the area around the site becomes red
  • the infection may spread to other parts of the skin and can be spread to those in close proximity

what you can do

  • avoid all sugar, white flour and processed foods
  • make a paste with turmeric powder and water or manuka honey and smear over the area
  • turmeric is powerful killer of staph infections
  • tumeric can also be eaten by using it in your cooking
  • eat ginger or drink ginger tea as it has been shown to be more effective against bacterial staph infections than antibiotics
  • eat nutritious foods such as steamed or raw vegetables, nuts, free range eggs, fish, legumes, raw salads and fruits
  • make a smoothie with some fresh squeezed orange or lemon juice, 100 mls of water, a piece of Aloe Vera gel and a teaspoon of slippery elm powder and drink it in the morning
  • add a level teaspoon of rosehip powder to your smoothie for its vitamin C
  • take the recommended dose of Olive Leaf Extract to stimulate and support the immune system
  • keep the affected area clean by bathing with an infusion of calendula flowers in between applications of tumeric