Measles begins similar to a cold with a runny nose, low-grade fever, and a cough with conjunctivitis

Koplick’s spots appear on the inside of the mouth on the sides of the cheeks

They are white in appearance

The fever tends to go very high sometimes up to 40 degrees centigrade but with the proper management of the fever the illness can be resolved

The rash then appears on the third or fourth day. Fist it can be seen on the face, ears and neck and then to the rest of the body

The fever usually subsides after the rash has appeared

what you can do

  • keep out of the sunlight as eyes may become photosensitive
  • for sore and inflamed eyes bathe with an infusion of chamomile or marigold.
  • soak cotton balls in the warmed tea and place over the eyes or wipe each eye with a separate cotton ball
  • supplement with olive leaf extract
  • to help settle your child when irritable and restless give teas made from catnip or chamomile tea
  • include herbs such as garlic, ginger,cinnamon and turmeric in foods to help boost and support the immune system
  • give meadowsweet tea to help reduce the fever and inflammation