nappy rash

At various times your baby may experience nappy rash

Some babies develop a very red and angry looking bottom when they are teething

Other causes for nappy rash could be food allergies, thrush or perhaps allergies to the soaps and chemicals used when washing cloth nappies, or from disposable nappies

What you can do

  • Nappy rash can be soothed by bathing the area with a calendula\chamomile infusion when changing your baby’s nappy or by placing your baby into a bath into which an infusion of calendula and chamomile has been added
  • Allow your baby time without the nappy to kick in the early morning or late afternoon sunlight and be exposed to fresh air
  • Do not use talcum powder as it can be inhaled and irritate lung tissue as well as being a moisture trap that can make nappy rash worse
  • Aloe Vera salve can be a soothing and healing remedy for nappy rash. (see my recipes)
  • If the rash starts at the anus and then spreads to the surrounding areas it could be thrush
    Treat thrush when you first see it appear by bathing the area with a weak dilution of tea tree oil and warm water when changing your baby’s nappy