nourishing and healing with food

You are in control of your health and well being when you choose foods that are as fresh and as close to their natural state as possible

If you eat fresh, quality foods you not only create good health, but you will also save on medical costs and help reduce the pollution of our planet which is already drowning in a sea of plastics and chemicals.

Its important that we stop using processed foods and medicines and return to what nature has provided.

We can instead rediscover the tastes, textures and nourishment of food that is grown in our own gardens or pots and prepared fresh in our own  kitchens

Our efforts would be well directed to producing as much fresh food as we can in our back yards or on our balconies

Even the smallest of areas can produce some food. It can be invigorating to feel that in this small way you are becoming more self-sufficient by growing some of your own food

With these thoughts in mind here are two excellent foods that are easy to grow


Everyone is able to grow a lemon tree or two

This wonderful fruit is one of the oldest remedies used for ailments such as cough, colds and sore throats

Lemons have anti-oxidant properties and contain appreciable amounts of vitamin C

They can help boost the immune system, and reduce acidity in your body

Lemons have antiseptic properties, which can rid the respiratory and urinary system of harmful bacteria

Drink lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning to help your body eliminate excess mucous and fats

A warm lemon and honey drink at night can help speed your recovery from colds and flu

Add a wedge of lemon (skin and pulp) to your warm lemon drink to gain its full benefit

I add a lemon to fresh vegetable juices to spark up the flavour.

When you grow your own lemons you can save all the rinds ( keep in the freezer till you have enough), then dehydrate  and powder them to use in cooking for a delicious lemon flavour.


Carrots are indeed a treasure chest of nutrients

Carrots contain, folic acid, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper and iron, as well as carotenes and pectin

Carrots can soothe inflamed mucous membranes in conditions such as sore throats, gastritis, and ulcers and when combined with lemon juice help combat the symptoms of cold and flu

Their anti-inflammatory effects help heal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis heartburn, stomach acidity and some skin conditions

Carrots regulate the bowel helping to relieve diarrhoea as well as constipation. This is a gentle but effective remedy especially for children

Carrot juice, carrot soup, steamed carrots with a little lemon juice and sea salt, grated carrots with olive oil and lemon juice dressing are just a few of the interesting and tasty ways to prepare carrots

Of course this is just the beginning of what you can grow at home. If you have never gardened before then start small  with only a couple of plants. Learn to nurture these plants and when you see the rewards of your efforts you will be hooked. Not only by the experience but also by the flavour  of the food you grow and your reconnection with our mother Earth.