nutritional requirements for pregnancy

The food that you eat and what you drink are the source of the nutrients that will feed your baby. So it is of vital importance to be sure that you are consuming a nutrient rich diet

Knowledge can help you make better choices about the foods you and your family eat

If you don’t have access to a computer become a member of your local library where you can find information to help you to learn new ways of eating that are healthy, tasty and nutritious

If all the nutritional requirements are not met when you are pregnant then your developing fetus is already starting life in a compromised situation.

If you are eating a variety of fresh foods every day this will help you achieve a good nutrient base

By adding herbs to your diet you can further boost the nutrients in your diet

Smoking, alcohol, environmental pollutants,stress, pharmaceutical and illicit drugs will all deplete your body of nutrients

Just because a food or herb is good for you, over consumption can also lead to an imbalance

Remember it’s about variety and balance

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