self help for your digestive system

A healthy, well functioning digestive system is the basis of good health

The digestive system includes the mouth, esophagus, the stomach, the duodenum, the small intestine, the large intestine, and the anus. It also includes the digestive glands such as salivary glands, the pancreas, the intestinal glands and the gall bladder

When the digestive system is healthy the other body organs and tissues will also be healthy

When you eat processed and denatured food the bowel becomes stagnant. When this happens it places an incredible strain on the other eliminative organs in the body such as the liver, the kidneys and the skin. We can see evidence of this in skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis

The healthy bowel is lined with mucous membrane and performs important functions in the body. Nutrients are absorbed through the bowel wall, antibodies and some vitamins are produced in the intestinal flora of the bowel and it also eliminates our waste

When unhealthy, small pockets develop along the bowel wall and waste products collect here and putrefy causing health problems. If the fluid that is being reabsorbed into the body has to pass through this purification it creates an auto-intoxication which can over time contribute to the development of conditions such as, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, fatigue, and arthritis. As this toxic matter builds up it also becomes a breeding ground for parasites, unfriendly bacteria and excess mucous. The parasites then excrete their own wastes and this too is recycled through your body

What you can do

Number one is to change your diet

  • eliminate refined, processed and packaged food
  • cook or prepare meals from scratch with fresh ingredients
  • drink water and herbal infusions and eliminate soft drinks alcohol and cordials
  • reduce the stressors in your life. Stress has a detrimental effect on the function of your digestive system
  • take slippery elm powder. It will soothe and heal your bowel, absorb toxins, help release excess mucous and regulate friendly intestinal flora

The herbs listed here can be grown in your garden and included in your daily intake of food

There are other herbs of course, this is just for starters

meadowsweeteases indigestion, reduces acidity, and eases nausea make the leaves into a tea
lemon balm can help with digestive problems related to anxiety make into a tea and add leaves to salads
chamomilelowers acidity, soothes colitis in adults and children, soothes irritable bowel syndrome, reduces tension and is a smooth muscle relaxant make into a tea
dandeliontones and strengthens the liver and gallbladder eat leaves in salad grate roots into salad
thymeanti-microbial and eases indigestion make into a tea and use in cooking
gingerrelieves nausea, and aids digestion use in cooking it can also be made into a tea by adding a few slices of ginger to a cup of boiling water
peppermintdeodorises the bowel, and relaxes smooth muscle found in the digestive system add to salads, make into a tea, and add to cooking
aloe veratones, heals and cleanses the bowel. anti-inflammatory, good for removing build up on bowel wall eat gel inside the leaves you can also make a cold water infusion with the gel


Flaxseeds are important for three reasons

  • they contain omega-3 essential fatty acids which are sadly lacking in our western diet
  • they are an important source of lignans, essential for maintaining healthy bones and as a preventative for cancer
  • they contain both soluble fiber (to regulate blood sugar and reduce cholesterol levels) and insoluble fiber (helps you to have regular bowel movements)

Take one tablespoon daily in a glass of water and see the difference

Use whole flaxseeds unless you grind your own and consume them immediatel .

Slippery Elm Powder

 Slippery Elm powder soothes the digestive tract and also has nutritive value

It is especially beneficial for inflamed mucous membrane in cases such as gastritis, ulcers enteritis, and colitis

It is a safe and effective remedy for diarrhea or constipation where it can be mixed with water and made into a paste and eaten as a food

Slippery elm taken as a food is safe for infants and children and for those convalescing from illness

Over time combined with  unprocessed, fresh food you will notice not only is your digestive system working better but that your energy levels increase and your immune system is stronger

Good health is not difficult nor should it be expensive

Eat simply and fresh, stay happy, and practice self help by growing herbs, fruits, berries and vegtables in your garden for both your food and medicine