When babies and toddlers are teething they can sometimes be irritable and unsettled

They can dribble and want to chew on objects

They can be restless at night with frequent waking and wanting to suckle at your breast

You can sometimes see or feel the emerging tooth bulging under the gum

Some babies can throw a fever when teething and can also experience more acidic saliva and bowel motions resulting
in redness around the mouth and/or nappy rash

These symptoms can be related to mineral deficiency so can be avoided by good prenatal and post natal nutrition

Remember the quality of your breast milk is related to the quality of your diet

What you can do

  • Chamomile tea is beneficial during teething and can given safely to your baby and toddler. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium which all play a part in a healthy nervous system
  • A weak infusion of Catnip tea is also a suitable tea as its sedative action will help settle your baby/toddler when the discomfort of teething causes irritability or fever
  • Homeopathic chamomile is a great remedy for your teething child as is the Bio chemic Tissue Salt Cal Phos. These two remedies are available from health food stores and can be taken as directed on the label

All of these remedies need not be taken at once but tried and tested to find which ones work for your child

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