Good health is not complicated

Regardless of your circumstances, you are in control of your health

You have the power to influence your health by

  • being aware of the quality of the food that you eat
  • maintaining your physical fitness
  • being aware of your thoughts

Good health makes life easier

If you can set up healthy eating habits in your children then you will have given them the best start in life

Of course this means you have to model the behavior. Babies and younger children will usually eat what their parents eat

  • if you are eating well then your children will eat well
  • if you are a physically active person your children will see that and be active people
  • if you are aware of consciously making choices about the quality of your thoughts, if you see the good in your life and express gratitude then your children will develop these attitudes

When you are taking responsibility for your own and your family’s health you are practicing self-help